North Texas Now is the show that brings you exclusive coverage on all things entertainment. From Dallas to Fort Worth and every city in between, we cover the hottest pop culture in the metroplex.


A 90's style sitcom starring four best friends navigating through life as college students


A show about the hot button issues of our time featuring a discussion panel.

Critical Fail

This animated/live action hybrid show follows in the vein of "Harmon Quest" and "the League" Each season has a new theme!


A private investigator / ex cop catches wind of the man responsible for the deaths of his former squad mates returning to town! The news attracts his former partner and the two lock for clues to their rivals location.

Hands Off!

What Richard lacks in charisma, confidence, and credit he makes up for in... well… nothing, really. When Richard is at risk for losing the only thing he has going for him, his public-access puppet show, he comes across a very special puppet who has the unique ability to turn Richard’s simple life around.

Tracking Texas

In the premiere episode of Tracking Texas, follow Dusty as he explores the Prairies and Lakes Region of Texas as he finds cool critters along the way.

Badger Tail

Two friends who run a radio show are about to graduate. This show is nearly indescribable. 


Two Brothers inherit a fraternity from their dead brother and hilarity ensues as they try to figure out life in GDI.

VCR: Very Critical Reviews

Randy, Timmy, Quinton, and Kaleb debut on their all new show, whether they want to or not...

What's up denton?

A show about a film crew that's falling apart. 

A Change in Degree

A dramedy.

The Powerful half hourful

A comedy?


A drama.


A music entertainment show based in Denton, Texas that explores different mediums of music, the music industry, and everything in between.


College Code, allows students to humorously share experiences they had during school. Impromptu stories and conversation make each minute of this show unique

Let's Talk North Texas

ntTV's morning show; covering news and entertainment.


College roommates Lily and Roxie struggle to make ends meet after their apartment overcharges them. The two women enlist the help of their friends to create and showcase a performance art piece at The Square in downtown Denton, TX.

The vampire Journals

A parody of "The Vampire Diaries", "The Vampire Journals" is a show that takes place within the world of the ntTV show, "Garder/Cole." In this full length short, brothers Steve and Dan must face their enemies as well as the drama that surrounds their supernatural lives as vampires.

Public Access

In this first episode of NTTV's new sketch comedy series, a husband and wife enjoy a particularly cheesy dinner, a less than enthused bystander takes a couple's picture, a college girl is rescued by an atypical hero, and a group of socialites are mesmerized by unconventional works of art.

Habitable Zone: Asteroid B-612

A thought provoking look at a small town’s intimate music scene tied together by a people who have opened up their homes in the name of chaos and creation. Featuring local artists and creative spaces found in the most creative corners of Denton, Texas.

D.O.A. Show

A writer struggles to get some of his content to air on a fictional version of ntTV.

Innovators Today

A Show about innovative people at UNT and in the Denton Area.

Only in texas

Only in Texas is a show with one purpose: to showcase the natural beauty and diversity of the state of Texas. With the rising cost of gas prices, many Texans will be looking to vacation close to home. With the season broken up into three episodes featuring History, Nature, and Recreation, Only in Texas will focus on promoting the diversity of the Lone Star State.

What’s Up Denton?: The A/V Club

A sister sequel to "What's up Denton?" This show follows the Public Access Television Crew behind the scenes as they struggle to keep their show from being pulled off air.

Haley's foodie call

A show about food and cooking!


A talk show about world issues.


A show about the production of UNT theatre scene.


A cooking show for those suddenly found stuck in their homes


The Writers’ Room is a The Office style fictional workplace mockumentary that follows the crazy antics of the writers behind ntTV’s Late Night at North Texas.


Well, we originally were going to interview Brad Pitt for this episode, but he could not find the studio. So, instead we made this. Is it good? Well that depends on your definition of good.

The Plug

Johan Berkowitz lives a double life as not only a student but also as a drug informant. Johan struggles to keep his secret hidden as problems begin to arise, and Johan's life begins to become threatened.


Agent Cole and his agency strive to protect Erica and Archer, the children of a major politician, from agents native to the enemy country of Lurkania.


A show involving Billy, a somewhat fat college student who bowls on Wednesdays, along with the characters and events that surround him.


Four neurotic writers for an unpopular tv show are surprised to hear that they have been cancelled. Now they must raise enough money to make the show on their own and, even worse, apologize for their offensive content.

The Political Center

In the premiere episode The Political Center, we deal with the Syrian refugee crisis and illegal immigration. This episode features UNT Political Science Professor Dr. James Meernik and graduate student Amalia Pulido.

Sports Radio

A comedy about a hapless Sports Radio show. 

Happy Workshop to you

A surreal puppet show hosted by a puppet master. Seems like it's for kids, but it's really not. 

Night Class

I don't even know man.

Taboo topics

A debate show. 

UNT cribs

Interesting housing situations for UNT students.