ntTV takes great pride in serving the North Texas community. In addition to maintaining this website and all of our social media platforms, our marketing department oversees all marketing initiatives, including promoting all original programming, organizing live remotes, coordinating outreach events, and more. The department is continuously working to create fresh designs for our video promotions for print, air, web, and brand as a whole.

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Interested in MARKETING?

ntTV maintains an active presence in both the UNT and Denton community. Marketing is for you if you're interested in Promotions, Graphic Design, Event Planning, or Community Service.



Social Media Coordinator(s)

Outreach Coordinator(s)

Event Coordinator(s

Creative Content Creator(s)

*There is a huge demand for people proficient in Photoshop and After Effects, but if you don't have these skills, we can teach you!



The promotions team is a part of marketing. These volunteers create 15 second to 1 minute PSAs and promotional material for ntTV to air during commercial breaks.