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Your Health: Strength Fitness

DENTON - To live a healthy lifestyle you must start in the early years in college. There's a stigma of gaining the freshmen 15 after one year of attendance. As people who are flooded with homework and projects, some of us don't have the chance to hit the gym. If you do manage to find the time, it's important to stretch and understand your body's capabilities. I talked to a personal trainer who says it's critical to know the ins and outs of your body before taking on a popular workout like CrossFit.

Jason "Jak" Jakubowski owns The Pillars of Fitness in Roanoke along with working at UNT. He's a Navy veteran who focuses on creating personal workouts for each client. "If you try to create a program that incorporates body weight movement, that's going to be an easy way to keep your heart rate up and burn calories," said Jak. "Get in control of your body that way when you get older you don't have balance and stability issues."

Work outs need to be custom to your body to ensure you aren't putting pressure on a bad spot. With enough improper workouts you can do unnecessary damage in critical spots. Remember, even when we are swamped with work it's important to start healthy dieting and training now.

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