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Your Health: Dance FITNESS

DENTON - Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise lifestyle during your college years is important. It's actually the key to a healthy life once you start your career. Assistant Clinical Professor in Kinesiology Dr. Alexander Hutchison highly suggests stretching before and after workouts. Along with finding friends you don't mind sweating with.

"In reality it's difficult to exercise at any point in your life," Dr. Hutchison said. "Once you get a job, get married and have kids' life gets busy."

If you're looking for a workout that focuses on weight loss or management then dancing may be the move for you. Unless you are doing a focused dance, this form of exercise will work out every muscle in the body. It's a cardio exercise that lets you express yourself while having fun.

"Dancing is a really great form of exercise because it tricks you into working out," Zumba instructor Hailey Borek said. "It's great for cardiovascular flow and stress."

Zumba is a franchise that has taken off in popularity because of its Latin flare. It includes the music styles of tango, salsa, hip-hop and merengue. Everyone can find something in the class that they like, whether it's one of their favorite songs or a dance move they've never tried.

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