Your Health: Dallas County on Alert as Covid-19 Cases Surge

By Azmar Khan

Dallas county raised the county’s coronavirus risk level back to red after lowering it six weeks ago to orange.

The county officials decided to revert to the highest risk for Covid-19 as the cases started climbing again.

The Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins blamed the surge on the increase in large public gatherings and admitted that the county would need the public to cooperate in lowering the rising cases.

Jenkins blamed the loose leadership of Governor Gregg Abbot and listed it as one of the reasons for the public taking the virus so casually.

“In our first wave, we dealt with it by the home orders that I passed. In the second wave, when the Governor reopened Texas and open all the bars, we dealt with it by shutting bars, and putting masks on,” Jenkins said.

“Right now, a spike of trajectory and we don’t have any tools in the toolbox, other than people renewing their resolve to keep themselves safe.”

Jenkins put some blame on the cold weather and said that it might have contributed to the rising cases, as people tend to move inside during colder weather, and poor ventilation indoors can quickly spread the virus.

Dr. Rajesh Nandy is an Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the University of North Texas and suggests that it is too early to correlate the spread of COVID-19 with colder weather.

“With flu, we have a pretty good idea when to expect the flu season, but with Covid-19, there is no scientific evidence yet to correlate the onset of the virus with the season in terms of the cold weather,” Nandy said.

Jenkins ignored Governor Gregg Abbot’s order to reopen bars at fifty percent capacity and instead said he prefers to follow “doctor’s advice” during a national health emergency.

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