Who Gets the Covid-19 Vaccine First?

By – Azmar Khan

The date for approval of Covid-19 vaccine is still unknown, but once it is approved there are expected to be shortage of vaccines for the Americans.

A vaccine advisory group to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention will be having a meeting to discuss who gets the vaccine first when it is approved.

The CDC admits that once the vaccine is approved, there wouldn’t be enough doses for everyone, and wants to map out certain groups who will be prioritized over others to receive the vaccine first.

Dr. Julia Heck is an associate Dean for Research and an Epidemiologist at the University of North Texas. Dr. Heck thinks that we might have a vaccine ready by summer of 2021, but unfortunately it wouldn’t be enough for everyone.

“With every factory in the world working at the same time, it is just going to take a very long time to get all the vaccine doses we need,” Dr. Heck said.

This isn’t her only concern though, Dr. Heck fears that the shortages can also occur if there are certain individuals who would require more than one doses.

With all these shortages, Dr. Heck thinks there are certain groups who will be prioritized and be the first in line to receive doses.

“They’re going to start with people who are most likely to be exposed, so that is going to be health care workers who have a great likelihood of exposure, also people who work in nursing homes,” Dr. Heck said.

Dr. Heck believes that people with underlying health conditions and older adults could be next line, with the college students eventually getting the vaccine.

For an average American like Melissa Osornio, this pandemic has been a struggle, but being young and healthy she understands not being a priority for the vaccine, and has no complaints for waiting.

“Personally I feel okay with waiting a year to get it as an average American but that is only because I think we should prioritize the essential workers,” Osornio said.

In a frame work released by the National Academy of Science on Oct. 2 2020, it is believed that all the Americans who didn’t receive the vaccines initially will be covered in phase 4 of the vaccination process.

The advisory committee on Immunization Practices is yet to vote on who they want to prioritize first.