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  • Hannah Bravenec

What a Time to Apply for Housing

February 22. 2022

February 2nd rolled around and it was time for upperclassmen to apply for housing on campus for the 2022-2023 school year. However, there is a common problem shared between these students who wish to live on campus instead of opting to live in an apartment or commute. While student apartments or housing at other universities tend to be a first come first serve where students can apply as soon as they’re ready, housing at the University of North Texas requires students to line up in a virtual waiting room to log into the eHousing website on a Wednesday at 9AM in the beginning of the semester. Based on pure luck, some students were able to get into the dorms they wanted while others were left scrambling to either pick another residence hall or find an apartment off of campus. One student, Leighton Dorman, had to pick her second choice dorm because she waited until 3:00AM to complete her application as the website kept crashing for her when she tried to go on that morning.

This year was particularly more difficult because of the snowstorm that hit the day after the housing application opened. This caused issues such as the processing of the application payment to be delayed. This caused panic for students as they wondered if they would have been dropped out of housing due to their payments not going through by the deadline of February 12th. There are also students who were unable to secure a spot at all due to housing not sending out a reminder through email as usual. “They didn’t send out a reminder so I didn’t get a place for next semester.” Commented student Lexi Simon.

Overall, students, both freshmen and upperclassmen, wish for a better system to apply for housing on campus. They would like to be able to apply for a dorm the same way one would apply for a student living apartment in Denton; you secure your room as soon as you’re ready to commit to living at said apartment rather than wait hours just to be able to log into the housing website.

Students with questions or comments regarding applying for on campus residency or about housing in general can contact UNT housing at

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