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  • Kelsey Clark

We Mean Green Fund Plans To Make UNT Greener

- By Kelsey Clark

DENTON - The UNT campus may be mean and green, but the We Mean Green Fund plans to make it even greener.

To do so, the organization funds various environmental projects such as the UNT Community Garden and Bee Campus USA. The garden has been a staple at UNT since 2015 and is located behind Legends Hall. Bee Campus USA is a committee dedicated to providing habitats for pollinators and educating the community about the importance of pollinators.

One of the chairs for the We Mean Green Fund, Cody Kimpton, shares his favorite projects that the fund supports.

“It’s one of the newer ones, Let’s Chat Zero Waste,” Kimpton says. “You pay $5 for a coin, you put it in the machine, and you get a box to get food from the Campus Chat.”

The fund is always looking for new projects to support. In order to get your project funded, it must be educational, self-sufficient, and connected to campus while benefiting the environment and creating a positive student experience.

Additionally, UNT no longer has a sustainability department, so the We Mean Green Fund is now the only organization on campus that supports sustainability.

“There’s different things that people do that can be sustainable, but there’s not a campus list that lines out everything that they’re doing, so it’s kind of just - us,” Kimpton says.

According to Kimpton, there are certain flowerbeds and gardens at UNT that have invasive plants in them, while the organization funds project to put native flowers in those beds to help pollinators.

“There’s not really any guidelines for the beds we aren’t funding,” Kimpton says. “Anything can happen there.”

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