VPM Productions; A Quarantine Company

While many of us have been feeling rather unproductive during the quarantine, UNT sophomore Adam Sigala is taking the extra time at home to focus on his career as a cinematographer and director.

Along with his partner, Jaden Patterson, Sigala co-founded VPM Productions, a visual media company focused on providing video services to their community. Whether it be creating real estate features for realtors, or capturing weddings and quinceañeras, VPM designs engaging content enriched with narrative elements that capture their audience in a way that is unique and, according to Sigala, what makes VPM stand apart from the competition.

“We wanted to incorporate all those more narrative aspects from the short films into our commercial work.”

Both Jaden and Adam have experience in video production, competing for their high school, making short films for their portfolios, and, for Adam, working with UNT Short Film Club and ntTV Entertainment on multiple projects. He competed in SFC’s 48 Film Race, winning Best Cinematography for his film “Oblivion”, served as assistant cameraman for an official SFC short film titled “Killer Comedy”, and worked with ntTV on their entertainment show “Mean Green Ultimate Wrestling”.

“That was a great experience overall, I loved getting the opportunity to be a director of photography for [MGU]. It was a great experience learning from people who have been to UNT and have gone through all of the classes.”

The process of creating their own company hasn’t always been easy according to Adam. Learning what it takes to start a business and to grow a platform are what he considers the biggest challenges VPM has faced.

“That’s been the hardest part so far just starting a platform, starting a brand from the ground up. That’s definitely a learning experience. We are constantly learning what to do right and wrong but it’s definitely hard trying to start that from the beginning, especially when you don’t really know which way is right at the moment.”

Despite these challenges though, Sigala is confident in the direction his company is headed.

“I’m happy with the progress we are making even though it may not be as fast as I originally planned. We are still making progress, we are still learning and growing and that’s the most important part.”

For Sigala, VPM Productions is a steppingstone on the road to achieving his goals in the film making industry. “My end goal is to be a director, that’s the main thing I want to do. . . I like to be on set I like to be creative.” He has padded his portfolio with his short films “Rest” and “Oblivion” and now with VPM’s commercial work, Adam aspires towards a bright future in film production.

For more information about VPM Productions and their work, you can go to their website, https://vpm-productions.wixsite.com/vpmproductions. You can also follow them on Instagram @productionsvpm or follow their Facebook page, VPM Productions.

Written by: Jordan Miller

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