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UPC Behind the Scenes

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Whether it’s your first or last semester in the Mean Green family, the University Program Council works each day to create memorable events around campus for all students to enjoy.

“I think the genuine feel of being on campus, I would argue, goes beyond just darting back and forth from classes. It's more so when we engage with each other when we take part in events and activities and occasions that bring us together either because we have similar interests or because we're learning from each other about things that we never would have explored otherwise. I just feel like a lot of it is just intrinsic to the campus experience,” UPC coordinator Saloni Banerjea said.

So I just hope that they're able to relax and have fun and kind of see more about what UPC does, since it's still early-ish in this semester, that way they come out to more events and they're able to see ‘Hey, this is something I really love doing,’ and since it's free, like you might as well come out since we do plan so many throughout this semester,” UPC member Lauren Danelius said.

UPC coordinators like Saloni use different forms of data collection in order to design events the student body will enjoy.

“We definitely like to think that the UPC members give us a good gauge of how the student body would also respond, just because they're not as closely connected to the events as the people who are proposing them. They have the ability to anonymously respond to the events and kind of be like ‘Oh, I would never want to see this put on,’ and we definitely keep that in mind as well. Then we also kind of just go anecdotally as well, whether it's people who applied to UPC, and during their one on one interviews, they mentioned ‘Oh, I applied specifically because of this event,’ and like ‘I never imagined this kind of being put on campus,’… even that is very valuable to us,” Saloni said.

If you want to be a part of this organization, be on the lookout for applications opening up at the beginning of each semester. UPC Arts Coordinator Lochlyn McClure described it as a three step process.

“So first, we have some short answer questions that are on our OrgSync, and you just submit those. And then we have people come in for a group interview, where we see what team working skills they have, creative problem solving skills, and then those who pass the group interview are invited back for an individual interview. So we have some of our [executive] team ask some questions about why people want to be in UPC, what challenges they think they'd have,” Lochlyn said.

To stay updated on when events are happening, just check out or their Instagram at UNT_UPC.

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