UNT Professor Invents Skimmer Detector

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Tosha Etufugh

Many people are afraid of being victims of credit card theft, especially since it’s occurring more frequently at gas stations and ATMs. Thanks to The University of North Texas Cyber Forensics Technology Lab, headed by Scott Belshaw; the UNT Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS); and Michael Saylor, the president of Cyber Defense Labs, new technology will aid in preventing these thefts.

According to Jim Rogers, they have created “a small, handheald wand that can detect illicit Bluetooth signals and warn users of a skimmer device in gas pumps, ATMs and other machines that take credit cards”. When in use, different colors light up to detect if the machine has been compromised. “Red will mean the wand detected a skimmer; yellow will mean the presence of a skimmer is possible; and green will mean no skimmer was detected” says Rogers.

The goal of this creation was to ensure the safety of consumers’ finances. Belshaw said, “the technology we’ve developed will allow business owners to perform daily scans as a proactive measure against credit card skimmers and provide consumers with peace of mind”, and this new technology may be the key to reducing credit card theft.

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