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  • Peter Raebel

UNT media library is ‘hot spot’ for digital content

- By Peter Raebel

DENTON, Texas –

Located in Chilton Hall, room 111, The Media Library is UNT’s premier location for all digital media, and is open to all UNT students.

The Media Library is a resource for checking out content, reserving time on a gaming PC, or just finding a quiet place to study and hang out with friends. It has a wide selection of accessible media, including television, film, and streaming content. The Media Library is also the university’s home for video games and board games, and the host location for activity-based events.

“I think it’s a great place to have a socializing area, and you’re not expected to check anything out,” says Media Arts and Digitization Librarian Steven Guerrero.

For those interested in:

A) renting film and TV resources—the library has over 80,000 DVD’s, tapes, laserdiscs, or even film rolls.

B) playing video games—students can reserve an assortment of gaming consoles, from Sony PlayStations to Nintendo Switches to the Oculus Rift (some of which can be checked out for a limited time with their controllers and games so you can play them from your own home).

C) breaking out the board games—the library has hundreds of options in any genre, and also serves as the meeting place for UNT’s Esports groups and Dungeons and Dragons sessions.

“It’s a space for you to hang out,” Guerrero said. “Everybody kinda needs that space, so if you can't have that in your dorm room, and you just wanna be out with friends in a bigger, wider area, I think this is a great space for that.”

While much of The Media Library’s content is readily available for walk-in reservations and check-out, the library plans to move to a new location in 2023, so be sure to check their catalog at Media Library - University Libraries - UNT for any media you are interested in checking out, as well as updates on the potential move. Library staff will be able to get most titles to you by the next day.

The Media Library is a free service as it is a part of UNT Library fees paid during student tuition, so don’t miss an opportunity to take advantage of this vast collection!

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