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  • Hannah Gonzales

UNT COVID Guidelines

As the school year continues, UNT is enforcing COVID-19 guidelines to establish a safe environment for students and staff. One of these mandates includes a mandatory submission of either your vaccination records or a negative COVID-19 test result. This deadline concluded on September 10th. However, to take the stress off finding a testing center, the university has set up three testing sites on campus that are easily accessible to the community.

Emily Pumphret, a UNT student, says “on-campus testing benefits students because it gives them a very easily accessible resource... it's so close to where a lot of our students live."

While COVID-19 vaccinations are not mandatory, the school has gone to great lengths to further encourage students and staff to be vaccinated. UNT is currently providing the Moderna Vaccine and also created a Vaccine Incentive Program, which has now concluded. The program consisted of weekly prizes for both faculty/staff and students. A few incentive prizes included meal plans, parking permits, Barnes & Noble gift cards and financial awards.

While students condemn UNT for the university's resources and support, many were not aware of these opportunities. "I actually didn't know that there were incentives to getting vaccinated until I submitted my vaccine card and got a refund," said student Adrian Thorthon.

Students who choose not to comply with UNT's COVID-19 mandates will not have good standing with the university. While the next mandatory testing for unvaccinated students is not required until next semester, the university has begun the second phase of optional testing for all students starting October 4th.

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