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- By Brandon Brown

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’ve been thinking about what I’m thankful for this holiday season… Sports! And, I’m thankful for cool sports logos, because a good logo just adds a bit of flair that makes the game a little more fun to watch. With that, I thought it would be fun if I shared my personal ranking of the top 10 sports logos in the DFW area!

#10. Dallas Fuel

I wanna start off with an ESports logo: Dallas’ Overwatch team. The logo’s okay with the blue flame being a nice reference to how blue fire is always hotter than traditional red or orange fire, but this logo feels a bit lacking. The lettering with a simple flame on the L just isn’t that appealing when your team’s name is already something as mundane as “Fuel.”

#9. Dallas Stars

This Dallas Stars logo is another logo that’s solid, but is just a little too simple for my tastes. Putting a simple D inside of a star just doesn’t feel that impressive, but I will give it credit for incorporating green as its primary color. With every other Dallas Pro Team using blue as their main color, the forest green is a nice change of pace and helps it to stand out among the rest.

#8. SMU Mustangs

I’m sorry, I’m sorry UNT fans. I know that seeing this logo never leaves a good taste in our mouths, so I’ll cover this one quickly. While the horse shape is cool, the fact it’s just solid red with no outline or any comic details just feels lazy. It does look rather retro though, which I guess is almost cool.

#7. Texas Legends

The G-League affiliate of the Dallas Mavericks, The Texas Legends logo is the turning point on this list where logos go from decent to good. This logo in particular has all the points you want in a basketball logo, but just looks like it has a bit too much going on. I think shrinking the “TL” to see more of the blue basketball in the background would go a long way in improving it, as well as maybe changing the font in the outer circle to something a bit more exciting.

#6. TWU Owls

Texas Woman’s University’s owl logo looks really cool. The way the wings are spread and the owl’s face look really clean. Plus, the font for “TWU” is interesting and fits the logo well. I’m not crazy about how big those claws are, though. Put them dawgs away!

#5. Dallas Cowboys

Sometimes, simplicity is best. The Cowboys star is iconic, as its simplicity allows the team to truly speak for themselves. The white outline followed by the blue outline looks great on clothes and merch! While I personally like some of Dallas’ other pro sports logos more, there’s a case for this star to be one of the best logos any DFW team has ever produced.

#4. UNT Eagles

Let’s go, Mean Green! I’ve always loved our green eagle outline swooping in, like it’s about to strike! Our letters are also really solid, as the classic College font lends its look well on our merch and uniforms! The only thing keeping this logo higher from #4 is that I sometimes wish it had some sort of black outline or accent marks to give the eagle a little more personality.

#3. Texas Rangers

There are a few MLB teams who opt to go with their main logo inside a circle, but I feel the Texas Rangers are one of the best ones to do it. The color scheme is great, referencing our state’s flag. The T is interesting and has a good amount of character, and the baseball in the back is the cherry on top.

#2. Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks logo has always looked very clean to me and is one of the NBA’s best logos in my mind. The blue basketball behind the very clean looking horse looks great, and I love the shadows the designer put on it, as well as the grey accents.

#1: FC Dallas

FC Dallas. Everything about this logo screams cool. The Bull’s stance, the star on its chest, the red on its head, and the 96 below the team’s name to state its first year is really cool. I don’t know why more teams don’t do that kind of thing. Overall, a near perfect logo that looks clean and powerful every time I see it.

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