The Errol McKoy Greenhouse on the Midway Exhibits Various Forms of Hydroponics

Laura Nunez

The Greenhouse on the Midway started in 2017 just before the State Fair opened to the public and currently holds hundreds of different vines, shrubs and crops, sustained through hydroponics.

“This is probably the only place you’re going to find anywhere in the area where you can see this many different styles of hydroponics going on under one roof,” said Director of Horticulture, Drew Demler.

Hydroponics is a sustainable water based farming system. The Greenhouse on the Midway is devoted to helping the southern Dallas community have access to produce.

According to Demler, 100% of the food grown at the greenhouse is “donated to non-profit groups here in south Dallas.” The Greenhouse also donates a portion of the produce to food pantry’s and homeless shelters.

The Greenhouse is solely funded by the State Fair of Texas and does not sell any of the produce grown. Instead the Greenhouse strives to give back to the community through their own community projects like youth camps.

“A lot of the kids have never seen a vegetable grow before, let alone hydroponics, and we get them their first exposure to what agriculture looks like,” said Demler.

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