The Community of Denton Unites, Even 6 Feet Apart

by Camille Rhyne

Several families in the Denton area decided to treat themselves and their community by celebrating their Halloween alongside a frightening pandemic.

Thomas Greene and his fiancé Nicole Haswell did not want to lose yet another event to this devastating pandemic. They decided that, with the help of Facebook, they would get in touch with the families in their neighborhood. They wanted to create a socially distanced, clean, and safe party for the families to enjoy after months of cancelled events.

“Everyone has chipped in to help,” Haswell said. “Even people who aren’t going to be there. This year, we felt like the important things was building the relationships.”

The couple wanted to celebrate the upcoming holiday in a safe, yet enjoyable way. They organized tables for pumpkin carving, candy collecting, and are encouraged to wear a Halloween-costume mask.

“We’ll sanitize between turns,” Green said. “As for bobbing for apples? That will have to wait for the pandemic to pass.”

Each of the parents invested in this Halloween celebration says that their children have survived and persevered, but the lock-downs have been a great challenge. The gathering of neighbors was a refreshing change.

“It’s brought us together,” Louise said. “We know our neighbors now, and it feels more like a community.”

Years from now, many will look back on these times recognizing the silver-linings that were discovered throughout the pandemic. This fantastic and safe Halloween party is certainly one of them.

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