The Black Lives Matter Movement’s Impact on the 2020 Presidential Election

By Armando Barry

DENTON, TX (NTTV) - 2020 has been the tipping point for confronting racial issues in America.

Amidst a global pandemic, incidents of racial injustice in this country have pushed citizens to be more involved in voting than ever before.

Isaiah King, a Political Science and Public Policy major at UNT, gave his thoughts on what he thinks has led to the historic voter turnout for this year’s election.

“I think what’s prompted more Americans to go to the polls and vote is the narrative. The narrative that this is the most important election of our time and maybe even our history, due to the muses of police brutality, immigration, and just the overall divisiveness of what our courts decide. So, I think that's the nature of going to the polls, similar to what it was in the civil rights movement.”

Despite volumes of media attention on incidents of police brutality, only 43 percent of voters have a positive view of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Heightened discussion of what should be done about these incidents and who should do it has clouded much of the debates for this year’s presidential election.

Tatum Henderson, a History major at UNT, thinks that this new discussion is a much-needed adjustment for this country to move forward.

“I think everybody right now is kind of learning and adapting to our environment, to our new culture. There is a lot happening right now with the pandemic going on and the election and police brutality and protests. So I think that all these new statements and acknowledgements are really good and that's where we need to keep heading and keep moving in that direction.”

One thing that is certain, the Black Lives Matter Movement has made its mark on the 2020 presidential election.

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