Surge of Severe Vape Related Illnesses

Laura Nunez

States take action against the sale of flavored e-cigarettes and vaping products after federal health officials investigate a surge of a sever vape related illnesses.

New York was the first to prohibit the sale on Sept.17 with Michigan following suit one day later. The ban went into effect immediately giving retailers two weeks to remove flavored e-cigarettes and other vaping products from store shelves.

Closer to home, Denton county health officials plan to identify a way to track lung related illnesses caused by vaping. Symptoms of the vape related illness include, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and coughing. Of the 25 cases of severe lung disease in people who vape, 11 of those cases are in North Texas.

Denton County banned the use of e-cigarettes in county-owned buildings and vehicles back in 2015. However, that has not stopped individuals from using e-cigarettes and vaping products on a regular basis.

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