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Scrappy’s Nest, an Exciting New NTTV Original!

Coming soon to all Eagle-Eyed viewers...

Scrappy himself (don’t worry, he won’t be this big in the show!)

UNT’s prime television station, NTTV, has had a lot of shows on the air, made by students and for students at UNT itself. Many shows have come and gone, such as North Texas Treasure Hunters, The Midnight Channel, and The Writer’s Room- but now there’s some fresh and exciting content heading to the station, including a brand new original show called Scrappy’s Nest! This up-and-coming new show was created and written by Korben Brothers and assisted by co-director JP Grimaldo. The show stars UNT’s loveable mascot, Scrappy, the Eagle as he takes on the new challenges of adapting to college life, alongside his friend Lucky the Squirrel (another UNT mainstay!). Between finding friends, passing classes, and making memories, Scrappy has a lot on his plate! Brothers are hoping that the first episode could become part of the UNT orientation ceremony as an introduction to new students on how to make the most of their time on campus. However, there’s one trick up Scrappy’s sleeve that makes this show a first in UNT history… it’s a puppet show!!!

The show will be UNT’s first-ever puppet show, and the creators are hoping this creative direction will intrigue those already veterans to the NTTV lineup as well as inspire fresh talent to expand their horizons on what NTTV entertainment can truly be. The show is currently in the middle of production, with crew members teaming up to find locations, props, and voice actors to create a fully fleshed final product and are expected to air sometime at the end of the spring 2022 semester. To prepare for the show, here’s a Q&A from Korben Brothers and JP Grimaldo themselves!

Question 1: Were you two the original creators- as in did you co-create this together or did one of you birth the concept and had the other join aboard afterwards?

Grimaldo: Korben was the original creator and he gave me the opportunity to assist him in helping him develop this show. So the credit is all to him!

Question 2: Where did the idea come from? What inspired you to make a puppet show, as well as a show aimed towards freshmen for orientation?

Brothers: The first thing that made me toy around with the idea of a puppet show stemmed from my Multi-Cam Studio Production course led by Professor Brock. He showed us a clip from a puppet show that he worked on a long time ago and I thought it would be neat to work on one. I also liked the idea of taking a medium typically attributed to children’s television and making something for an older audience

Question 3: What was the creative process behind the show? How do you end up writing what you write when it comes to drafting a script?

Brothers: I watched a few episodes of Sesame Street and understood that, much like all episodic television, there is a moral to be learned at the base of each episode, but also that it would teach skills. So, I decided that the concept for the show would be to communicate moral dilemmas and new skills to incoming college freshmen who are forced to acclimate to a new environment.

Scrappy’s Nest will be aired to the public sometime towards the end of the 2022 Spring semester. Stay tuned for more info!

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