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  • Abby Wormsbaker

Returning to the Theater

COVID-19 has made a multitude of new norms: online learning, movies going straight to digital streaming platforms (before even hitting the theaters), and working from home. Among those many things, movie theaters being closed and losing business has been one of the hardest things to adjust to in the pandemic for any lover of movies.

The pure excitement of buying a ticket, waiting in line for popcorn, and finding your seats just before the show starts is almost as great of a feeling as it is leaving the theater after watching a movie that made you feel like a new person with new questions for the world.

Going to the movies has always been full of firsts: first date, first kiss, first time hanging out with a new group of friends on a Friday night, first time crying in public (because when Marley died, everyone was sobbing), and maybe even the first time feeling inspired. I can remember seeing the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn: Part Two and the entire room going ballistic when THAT scene happened. I’ll never forget it.

My hope is that this pandemic does not make us too comfortable with staying home, especially when consuming entertainment. Of course there is nothing wrong with watching a newly released movie in the comfort of your own home, it’s something that will probably never go away. But there’s no distinction between your sofa and the world that’s out there. We watch movies to experience something different than what we deem as reality, right? So why not experience it in the way it was meant to be seen?

The anticipation of a new movie release with always be more thrilling when you are in front of the big screen in a dark theater and booming sound effects. Hopefully someday soon we can all enjoy one in a crowded theater together.

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