Psychology of a Presidential Election

By Makayla Goos

2020 has been a strain on society as a whole. Especially mentally. Both depression and anxiety rates are up and the presidential election does not seem to be helping.

Gabe Ignatow, a professor of Sociology at UNT says, “It seems to have a kind of disproportionate effect on people's psychics and their everyday lives”. He speaks further on the election filtering into people’s familial and personal relationships, mostly due to the election being treated as a “national sport” and coverage being accessible everywhere people go.

But with the combination of the recent string of protests and the increased anxiety and depression level, what can we expect come November 3rd after the votes have been counted? Chief of Denton Police Frank Dixon says they are worried but keeping a close eye out for the potential of violence. But he also says he will not interfere with people’s right to have their voices heard. “Whether we agree or not… that is not for us in law enforcement to say. It is for us to keep everyone safe and give you the platform to express yourself safely and get everyone home in one piece.”

If you are feeling overwhelmed or depressed be sure to call UNT’s Health and Wellness Center at 940-565-2741 or visit their website

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