Picolé Pops cools off the spring heat

By: Kayla Holt and Alyssa Ytuarte

Oak Cliff: Temperatures are rising in North Texas and Spring Break is here. While many people are unable to travel this year, there are still opportunities for a “cool” experience right here in the DFW.

Picolé Pops is a trendy ice cream parlor located in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, and Deep Ellum. Upon stepping into the shop you instantly feel like you are in a social media influencer’s dreamworld. The family-owned ice cream shop has a vibrant landscape decorated with pop art schemes, and a picture wall, ideal for pictures.

As soon as you walk through the doors, you are warmly greeted. The smell of fresh waffle cones and chocolate fills the air. If you visit the store at the Bishop Arts location during lunch hours, be prepared to see a line. Luckily, the staff gets the line moving quickly and the wait time is not very long at all.

All of the ingredients used at Picolé are organic, and all of the ice-cream products are handcrafted in-house. In the store, there is a large window overlooking the kitchen, where customers are able to see the staff cutting fruit and blending purees.

After trying a picolé pop, it is easy to understand why customers keep coming back. One customer stated, “ You can see inside like how they’re making it, and it’s made by hand. You know like what they’re putting in there is natural, not like syrup in a bag or artificial. I like it because of that, it tastes good and natural.”

Picolé pops started off as a small paleta stand in Mexico by Melissa Lara’s father in the 1960s. After taking a family vacation to Brazil, the family was inspired by the technique used in making the filled pops. The family had an idea of mixing the Brazilian culture with their Mexican culture and bringing it home to the DFW area. Picolé Pops has been in business for over three years, opening up in 2017. They have recently been cultivating new products to add to their menu and feature many different flavors to try out.

Some of Picole’s specialties include filled popsicles, where customers can add berries, cream, or chocolate. This isn’t like any other ice cream shop, as they even offer liquor-filled pops for the adults. The liquor pops are 6%- 12% alcohol which has been said to go a long way with customers.

Picole Pops also can be a great party favor as they offer catering to the public, including their boozy-filled pops. As the saying goes at Picole Pops, “Fillings Matter” and customers everywhere are able to see the caring aspect of what ingredients are put into the flavorful pops, as well as the care put into customer service. Once trying Picole Pops, you will be sure to experience love at first bite. There are so much love and support from the community that has given Picolé Pops an opportunity to grow and take their business down south. If you happen to be in the Austin area, Picolé has opened a shop located at Domain NorthSide.

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