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  • Gabriella Carden

Nook on Hickory

Voertman’s College Store on Hickory Street has art taking over the walls in their new spray paint nook. UNT sophomore Jonathan Alcott said that this Denton activity is something people needed after the various in-person restrictions took place last school year.

“With COVID it feels like everything has moved into an online format which really is great, online stuff is great and technology is great, but it has- in-person things have things that online stuff doesn't. And a place like this provides a sense of community that online communities just can’t quite match,” Jonathan said.

Along with bringing the community together, Voertman’s Art Department Manager Caitlin Bradford says the nook is meant to help create a positive image for this medium.

“There's a pretty big stigma around spray paint and just graffiti in general so I think opening that door up and making it accessible to people will really sort of change their mind about how they look at graffiti and how they view it as an art form,” Caitlin said.

Now people like Jonathan can enjoy this experience, whether they go to create art or appreciate it.

“My mission isn't aesthetic beauty, it's like self-expression. I think it's important to have public forums like this, so I guess when I come here what I feel is just that I’m proud of being able to participate and engage with the community around me,” Jonathan said.

The space is open to anyone, and it is located right outside the front side of Voertman’s front doors.

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