New biomedical engineering building at UNT Discovery Park

Raven Jordan

In an effort to expand facilities and equipment for the growing biomedical engineering program, UNT’s Denton campus has opened a new building in Discovery Park. There will be new opportunities for both staff and students.

The new biomedical engineering building has open concept labs, classrooms, and high tech equipment for research. Sydney Wilkins, a UNT senior witnessed the development of the building and says it has many new facilities and resources for the UNT population.

“We have multiple different research labs. We have a considerable amount of professors here that have brought in a lot of funding, a lot of research, we have a lot of lab spaces, both teaching and research,” Wilkins says.

The new building provides an expansion for more students and faculty with a wide skillset for the program’s research.

“Here at the new building, we have 3 different classrooms open for all the students at UNT Discovery Park.” Wilkins says.

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