Local Artists Open a Unique Event Venue

By Michelle Brooks

PILOT POINT- Artists Elizabeth Jones and Chris Duncan of LizzyGator in Pilot Point, Texas are using art to make their event venue unique.

“LizzyGator started in our crazy little minds, we needed people to see what we were capable of doing, it’s very hard to explain it and sometimes pictures don’t really capture what we do,” said Jones of their art installations.

Jones and Duncan focus on making art functional while remaining environmentally friendly.

“We partner with Habitat [for humanity] for supplies, they always have stuff for us,” she said.

And they manage to make every piece while thinking with environmentally cautious minds.

Their latest installation is a chapel for weddings they plan to host at the venue, the look though, is not so traditional.

“Of course, everyone always tells us we need a level”, said Jones, “there’s nothing straight about the church, it's very crooked and whimsical and twisted.”

The unique art pieces are what make the venue so special.

“Come visit us, have your wedding here, have your party here. Come see us, we love visitors. And help get the word out... Please!” For more information on how you can host your next event at LizzyGator visit www.lizzygator.com.

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