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  • Edward Brady

LEC Week 7 Day 1 Recap: Mass chaos

- Edward Brady

The first day of week 7 of the European League of Legends Championship has wrapped up and I am still not sure if any of the games today actually happened. There was so much action, so many baffling decisions, and a possibly historic throw. I will be breaking down the results of each game in depth and giving a quick headline of how it went.

Let’s get started...

Game 1 EXCEL (8-6) > MAD Lions (5-9)

TLDR: Questionable draft choices leave the 2-time champs on the outside looking in. Excel is so close to breaking the curse.

Summary: On a 4 game losing streak, the MAD Lions decided to draft a hard to execute team comp with very little room for error. In particular, they drafted Aatrox with their first pick against a well-known Kled player (a champ that has all the tools he needs to put Aatrox in the dirt).

It worked about as well as it sounded. Finn dominated in the top lane, Markoon’s Hecarim had plenty of chances to run through the Lions while Elyoya’s Viego never got to pop off. Patrik had yet another amazing game on a meta ADC (Jinx) while UNF0RGIVEN had the worst game of his short LEC career.

Things are looking incredibly dire for the MAD Lions with so few games left to play. The team looks completely lost on the map and it is clear losing the big voice in Humanoid hurt tremendously. Meanwhile Excel all but lock playoffs with another win! What parallel dimension are we living in?

Game 2 BDS (4-10) > Astralis (2-12)

TLDR: Xmatty gets a massive lead and almost does what BDS does best, but the team holds on to end Astralis’ hopes.

Summary: It’s tricky to throw a lead that bad but good Lord did Team BDS ever try!

You’d think a team with a 4 kill Jinx very early on would play around it and end the game quickly, but if you’ve watched the LEC at all, you’d know BDS are allergic to major leads. xmatty was far less impactful than his scoreline would suggest, Astralis was able to get back in the game thanks to some great teleport flanks and splitpushing from WhiteKnight’s Gnar. Kobbe’s Zeri even got back in the game! Unfortunately for the last place team, Team BDS didn’t quite uphold tradition. A Baron call from Astralis turned into disaster as the frontline of Adam’s Olaf and Cinkrof’s Hecarim disrupted the backline as Xmatty got to free fire while NUCLEARINT ended the game with a teleport into the base.

This game might drive someone to drink if they were exposed to it without warning. It was a match between the bottom 2 teams, and it sure showed in the play.

Game 3 Vitality (7-7) > SK Gaming (5-9)

TLDR: Vitality get back to .500 and end SK’s win streak, but it is not pretty.

Summary: I guess the theme of today is “games that are action packed but make you want to cry” isn’t it?

Although SK had a sizable kill lead thanks to some great ganks from Gilius’s Hecarim, there was never really a point where Vitality were truly threatened. Alphari’s Gangplank obliterated Jenax’s Aatrox and it got to show in any fight. 1v1, teamfights, he was a threat all the same. With disengage like Gangplank ultimate, Xin Zhao ultimate, Zilean resurrection and the entire champion that is Tahm Kench, Vitality were perfectly suited to absorb all of SK’s engage and counterpunch. Gilius couldn’t continue his successful ultimates into the mid and late game. For all of Jezu’s items on Aphelios, he barely even got to play the game.

In the end, SK killed a few members of Vitality when they were setting up for the Elder Dragon. The fight was going well. But the minions took both Nexus towers and the Nexus itself to secure Vitality a win.

As you can tell from these games, it has been one of those days…

Game 4 Fnatic (10-4) > Rogue (11-3)

TLDR: Fnatic play an incredibly clean game against the top dog. Rogue’s 2nd half woes continue.

Summary: That was one of the cleanest games of the season from Fnatic! Everyone fired on all cylinders and nobody made any glaring mistakes. Upset and Hylissang are making their claim as the best bot lane in Europe for the 2nd split in a row. Humanoid and Razork were great facilitators on the Twisted Fate and Diana respectively. Rogue didn’t even necessarily play bad. Fnatic just outclassed them at every turn. Comp was the only one who could even stand up to Fnatic and he was far outdone by Upset. It is a bit concerning that all of Rogue’s losses have come from teams figuring out and exploiting Malrang. The previous frontrunner for the MVP hasn't been able to get the same impact in the 2nd half.

Fnatic now locks playoffs with that win and is all but guaranteed to win the tiebreaker with Rogue if they end up catching them (if h2h doesn’t work, 2nd half wins decide it). The black and orange are almost back on top. All they need is a little bit of help and to keep doing what they’ve been doing the whole split.

Game 5 Misfits Gaming (10-4) > G2 (8-6)

TLDR: How did G2 1-up the first meeting this year between these two? How?!

Summary: Seriously?! What did I even just WATCH?!

That was quite possibly the single biggest throw in the history of professional League of Legends. And that is NOT hyperbole! G2 had a 13k gold lead and had broken 2 inhibitors by 18 minutes! Jankos’s Viego had 5 kills, everyone was ahead. G2 would practically have to try and lose the game.

Yet somehow beyond all reason and expectation, G2 managed to botch the ending time and time again. Bounties were being picked up, Misfits found kills onto key members, the gold lead was shrinking. Vetheo’s Akali was an absolute masterclass. Misfits won fight after fight and clawed their way back into the lead. And almost 39 minutes after the game had begun, a 16/2/4 Akali and Kobbe’s 8/2/12 Zeri helped win the critical fight and secure the win in the biggest comeback of the year.

Misfits lock playoffs with this crucial win and are now only one game out of first with a potential tiebreaker. G2 will still most likely make it but it will be a considerable challenge to live down this moment. This was one of those games where if your team did this, you would have thrown the remote through the screen. And the veterans of G2 are good enough know they screwed up badly.

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