Homecoming Royalty Announced

by Alyssa Weems

Though homecoming may have looked a little different this year, that didn't stop UNT from bringing its events virtually. This year‘s “Visions of Vegas” theme had many unique and fun events open to all students, staff and the Denton community.

Even though the annual football game was cancelled due to C

OVID-19 concerns, Homecoming Royalty was announced on Friday, November 6, with the winner being Ivalis Guajardo. Along with winning the title, Homecoming royalty is invited to incorporate a campus impact project next semester.

Even with the growing numbers, the pandemic won’t stop Guajardo from moving forward with her project.

“My campus impact project is essentially a first-generation student seminar,” said Ivalis Guajardo, 2020 Homecoming Royalty, “this is not just for first generation students, but also low income and BIPOC [black, Indigenous and people of color] students that don’t have access to all of the resources and knowledge that I think a lot of other people come into college already having.”

Guajardo hopes at the seminar, students will learn about loan counseling, FAFSA, and the importance of scholarships.

“If anyone is showing up on campus and doesn’t know what resources are available to them and what financial help that they can get, then they deserve to be told that knowledge,” she said.

When she came to UNT, Guajardo was a first-generation college student.

“I sought out a lot of mentors when I was a freshman to kind of help me through this process and I think it shouldn't have to be that difficult,” she said.

Guajardo says she is pushing her campus impact project to be an annual event, in hopes that she can encourage and help first generation college students in the years to come.

“I think it’s really comforting that [these first-generation college students] are able to connect with other first-generation college students instead of being ashamed by it or feeling uncomfortable,” said Guajardo, “you don’t know the process but there’s people around you that also don’t know the process and you are able to connect and resource together that way.”

Guajardo plans to meet with the Homecoming Coordinator next Friday to discuss her campus project.

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