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  • Sydney Dishon

Greek Life And The Fight Against Hazing

- By Sydney Dishon

DENTON - While “Greek Life” has a dark past, Ronald Atkinson, Director of the Center of Fraternity and Sorority Life at UNT, says the Mean Green do not tolerate hazing.

“Hazing does not make you a better person,” Atkinson said. “It does not build character.”

Not only is hazing prominent in Greek life, but it is also present in other organizations.

“We see acts of hazing pop up in fraternities, sororities, athletic clubs and in the band,” Atkinson said.

Despite the stereotype of hazing in various organizations, students said UNT still stands out in comparison to other universities.

“A lot of those stereotypes typically come from Power Five schools, you know, the SEC schools or Big 12, things like that,” IFC President and IFC Vice President of Administration and Finance Jake Hellman said. “That’s not who UNT is, we’re a diverse group of people on campus.”

At a national level, each fraternity and sorority has an anti-hazing statement. Kappa Delta member Solé Oren said her sorority takes hazing very seriously.

“We make sure all of our current members know - do not haze the new members,” Oren said. “You wouldn't have wanted that to happen to you whenever you were a new member and with our new members that we have, just like telling them like you don't ever have to silence yourself.”

Just last week was anti-hazing week – a yearly event UNT participates in to take a strong stance against hazing.

“UNT has certainly taken a forward and positive stance towards eradicating that,” Atkinson said. “When we find out about it, it's addressed immediately and we have even had chapters removed from campus because of that.”

UNT is continuing to make sure all students feel safe. To learn more about hazing and how to report it, visit the UNT Student Affairs website.

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