Global Climate Protest

Tosha Etufugh

Global Warming has been an ongoing topic for years, and activists have always protested about how the world will be affected if we do not make a change. However, at this year's annual UN General Assembly many World Leaders came together and focused their discussion on Climate Crisis. As a result, they pledged to help the environment by acting on this urgent situation.

At the assembly, the World Leaders were supposed to provide proposals for change. Trump, who was not expected to make an appearance, claims “[he’s] a big believer in clean air and clean water, and all countries should get together and do that and they should do it for themselves”. Other leaders like Angela Merkel pledged to double Germany’s climate protection funding.

In addition to the UN General Assembly, Friday’s Youth Climate Strike may be the reason for all these pledges. On Monday, Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old activist, told these leaders to take the crisis more seriously. Her words not only inspired these World Leaders, but many protesters as well. More than 100 people gathered outside the UNT library Mall for the Denton climate strike, where the community expressed their concerns about the future of the planet.

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