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  • Harold Stewart IV

Get Mean Green, Offense.

Tuesday’s pre-game press conference saw the effects of Saturday’s loss to UAB replayed. Quarterback Jace Ruder acknowledged the diminished team morale. His game preparation intention is to show the C-USA who University of North Texas can be when playing its best football. My question is: With Milton Williams in the NFL, will our Eagles’ offense fare better against La-Tech (without its rover)?

Defense will play a pivotal role. Offensive drives will decide. Running back DeAndre Torrey has been gaining short yards. And, surpassing team rushing records — for which we say, kudos. But, the true measure of the team winning tape’s passing yardage. QB Ruder must deliver the long-ball with timely release and avoid being sacked, fumbling, or getting picked off. Our offensive line must get mean!

Since 2005, the Eagles have a 2-8 overall record against the Bulldogs. Improvement is the right step to start changing things. Good Luck, Green.

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