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Denton on a Dime: Recycled Books

Residing on the historic downtown square since 1983, Recycled Books has been a longtime staple of Denton. The purple opera house used to be home to a multitude of other attractions, including a theatre and a department store. A trip to the square wouldn’t be complete without stopping to take a look at their huge collection of books, records, movies, and more! The best part about this acclaimed spot is in the name itself. Everything that the store receives is second-hand, recycled and resold from people all around the Denton area. This ensures that their collection is always growing.

To find great prices on books and more, Recycled Books is the place for you. Its massive collection includes some of the best prices on DVDs, CDs, and books. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and at a competitively discounted price. It’s the perfect place for the college student on a budget.

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