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  • James Peeler

Denton ISD Announces Make-Up Days

- By James Peeler

(DENTON, Texas - Feb. 22, 2023)

Denton ISD announced on Feb. 13 that scheduled half days would be changed to full days to make up for the instructional time lost to January’s winter storm. The half days affected are March 22, April 19, and May 17.

Winter storm Mara left much of the south and central United States with snow, ice, and below-freezing temperatures for about a week, with Denton ISD schools being canceled on Jan. 31, Feb. 1, Feb. 2. and Feb. 3. The Denton ISD academic calendar for 2022-2023 allows two inclement weather days, Feb. 20 and April 7.

When classes were canceled instead of moved online for the week, parents of students say they were confused with the decision.

Ceresa Callender, a parent of a 10th-grade student at Guyer High School, had questions about the adjusted academic calendar.

“I don’t understand the choice to adjust the three half days for the semester. Is it due to the district needing more money? Are other districts in the area doing the same thing?” Callender said.

Argyle and Northwest ISD also adjusted their calendars to make up the time.

Charlene Parham, an area superintendent for Denton ISD, explained the decision to adjust the academic calendar at the Board of Trustees meeting on Feb. 14.

“The first goal is to maintain continuity of learning for our children and the second goal is to remain eligible for state waivers,” said Parham.

State waivers excuse the school district from having its attendance data lower future funding for the school district.

Melia Stamps, an English teacher for the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD, explains the decision to cancel instead of going online.

“Online options will never replace a teacher and a functional online class needs more notice,” Stamps said.

“A lesson meant to be taught in person can’t be put in a computer and taught the same. It should be designed to be online from the get-go… going online is for long-term, sustained removal from class.”

“In the case of a week, trying to teach those lessons online wouldn’t be materially different than not teaching them at all.” Stamps said.

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