Denton Coffee Crawl

by Jordan Miller

Many holiday events were cancelled this year by the COVID-19 pandemic but having fun in Denton this holiday season isn’t totally impossible. Denton’s Third Annual Coffee Crawl is taking place on Saturday, December 5th at 8 a.m. and there isn’t a better way to enjoy the cold weather than by trying out the best coffee, teas, and pastries that local Denton coffee shops have to offer.

The Coffee Crawl originally started as an idea of the founder of Explorium Children’s Museum. Denton has a wine crawl, but Explorium wanted to host a fundraising event that was more family friendly. Since Denton is full of coffee lovers and coffee shops, the Coffee Crawl was born.

Being a part of the Coffee Crawl means getting a passport with seven coffee locations. Participants will travel to each different coffee shop a receive a specialty drink or pastry of the shops’ choosing. They will then get their passport stamped and then travel to the next location on their passport.

This year, the Coffee Crawl will look a little different than previous years due to safety measures put in place by Explorium to keep everyone safe.

“Before participants get their passport, they will get a temperature check as well as receive hand sanitizer,” said Dinora Padilla, executive director of the Explorium Children’s Museum. “They will also get hand sanitize

r before they enter the coffee shops and will be required to wear a mask until they leave the coffee shop to eat their treat or drink their coffee.”

Not only will participating in the Coffee Crawl give local businesses a helpful boost, but all the proceeds from ticket sales benefit the children’s museum.

“The best part of this Coffee Crawl is that it is a fundraiser to keep Explorium, Denton’s only children’s museum, open so that families can have that place to explore, engage, and learn.” Said Padilla.

With the pandemic heavy on everyone’s minds, the Coffee Crawl is a great way to have some holiday fun while supporting a great cause.

“I feel like overall, we’re all going to be helping each other come out of this COVID struggle.” Padilla said.

To purchase tickets for the Coffee Crawl, you can visit

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