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  • Rene Ramirez

Dak Prescott Injury Status

- By Rene Ramirez

It’s now been a week since starting Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott sustained a metacarpal fracture in his throwing thumb against the Buccaneers. At first the six to eight weeks timeline of his return set many Cowboys’ fans in a state of pessimism. However, in recent days, with a Cooper Rush led win over the former AFC champions in the Bengals, as well as growing confidence from Prescott and Jerry Jones in a return being sooner rather than later, such pessimism has quickly turned into optimism, but Cowboys 'optimism should always be one taken with caution.

Firstly, the accelerated timeline that has cut potential recovery time in half is to be considered. Early reports of Prescott’s injury stated that a placement to injury reserve would be likely for the quarterback, however as of date he is still on the active roster, pointing towards a return against either divisional rival commanders in week 4 or the reigning super bowl champion rams in week 5. Regardless of if rush can string off a few more wins, either game could prove to be decisive to the Cowboys’ playoff hopes, as the eagles have shown to be off to a hot start.

Another thing to consider is the play of Prescott coming back from his injury. Similar injuries have occurred with Drew Brees in 2019 and most recently, Russell Wilson last season. Although the severity of each injury differs, the growing pains, especially when gripping the football proved in both instances to worsen the play of two all-time great throwers.

Time will be the ultimate teller of Dak’s return and play, so until then in Cooper Rush we trust.

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