Best Friends Find a Unique Way to Make People Smile

By Michelle Brooks

DENTON- Best friends and longtime neighbors Judy Smith and Anne Pearson have found a way to give an otherwise useless space, purpose.

Judy and Anne refer to themselves as the “Chairy Fairies”, because they pick the “chairies” for the orchard. They coined the name when the orchard was founded in 2015.

What was once 100 chairs is now upwards of 300, the Chairy Fairies have lost count.

“We love garage sales, and we go to them every weekend,” said Smith. “We found 100 chairs in no time at all.”

Their frequent garage sale trips mean on Monday morning there is always at least one new chair in the orchard.

With such a high number of chairs, the fairies have gotten creative throughout the orchard to make sure each chair has a special place. And the fairies make sure each place is a little “punny”.

“When chairs die, because they get weathered, they go to the cemechairy,” said Smith.

“And one day we came out and somebody had taken all the rocking horses and put that sign up and made a circle around the tree with the rocking horses so it’s a chairousel.”

Some people have contributed to the orchard in that way, the fairies say it makes it more special. One way the fairies have made the orchard special for them is by honoring loved ones.

For Annes mother, the fairies started a free library for anyone to come get books from. The library is named “The Kay Reeves Library”, after Anne’s mother who was a librarian.