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  • Isabella Quintanilla

Aubrey Farms Pumpkin Patch

DENTON - 10 years ago Steve Logan quit his job in IT and bought a farm in Aubrey, TX where he now lives with his wife and five kids.

Logan, who goes by cowboy Tex up at the farm, said that he and his wife have always loved kids and that it was their dream to start their own pumpkin patch.

This year will be their 6th annual pumpkin patch, which has been very successful thanks to the fun and welcoming environment that Team Family Farms has created.

One family said that cowboy Tex made them feel very welcomed and that they love how family-oriented the pumpkin patch is.

The goal of their pumpkin patch is to get families to unplug and enjoy nature while having fun and creating amazing memories.

Cowboy Tex said that seeing all the positive feedback and reviews is what keeps him going and that he is blessed to be a part of all this.

The Aubrey Pumpkin Patch will be open every day up until November 7th. For more information check out their website at

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