An Interview with DCPH on COVID-19

Our own Seth Biley sat down (via zoom) with Jennifer Rainey, a Public Information Officer for Denton County Public Health. We here at ntTV came up with several important things to know about the COVID-19 crisis:

1. New Cases and Testing: The number of new cases a day is rising because of increased testing BUT also the percent positivity rate is rising as well. This is the percentage of people testing positive per 100 people. So, there is more virus out there circulating in the community.

2. Testing Positive: Daily numbers are not necessarily the people who are positive that day. In fact, it could take seven to ten days before people get their results from a provider to know if they tested positive.

3. How people move to the recovered column: The total number of active cases are subtracting any deaths and minus the recovered patients. DCPH reach out to patients who have 10 days without symptoms and without fever reducing medications like Tylenol. After eight weeks for those whom no longer contact Denton Public Health they are moved to recovered.

4. Denton County Public Health and the standardization between counties: The DCPH site has been very responsive to feedback to add information that the community requests. Unfortunately, however, there is no standardization between counties when it comes to COVID reporting. However, the system cross checks to make sure that there is not a duplication of cases.

5. When DCPH compiles the numbers for the website each day: From around noon to three they compile the information so that they can post the Press Releases every day at about four o’clock.

Ms. Rainey is a fellow Mean Green student working on her Master’s in Public Administration and she hopes to one day add a FAQ page on the DCPH site to bust some of the myths that have cropped up around COVID-19.

Interviewed by Seth Biley

Written by Josh Pierce

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