Active Shooter Response Training

Laura Nunez

UNT Police Department hosted a free Active Shooter training on Sept. 24, in the Union Lyceum. The program aimed at teaching individuals how to respond to an active shooter situation.

The UNT police department felt it was important to cover the Run, Hide, Fight method to help students understand what should be done in the event of an active shooter in light of recent tragedies of El Paso and Odessa.

“It’s a federal standard with the run, if you’re not there then you can’t be a victim of opportunity,” said UNT police officer David Causey.

“But there’s not always an opportunity to be able to run, so sometimes you have to hide…if that’s what’s needed then we hope to give you a better idea of where to hide, how to hide and then last chance is to fight.”

UNT officers trained students to act fast in these situations in hopes of potentially saving a life. Officers encouraged students to fight back by having some individuals act as a distraction team while others were taught to throw any possible item at the shooter.

UNT Police plan on hosting other training sessions throughout the academic school year.

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