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A migrant's story: Fariha Ahmed

DENTON — This past year has altered the way we live with a pandemic, and how we view immigration. COVID-19 is changing how we attend school, and the border crisis is giving migrants a bad reputation. I felt the need to tell the story of an outstanding woman who defies the stereotypes of struggling with school and the negative image of being an immigrant.

Fariha Ahmed graduated from the University of North Texas back in May 2021. Her hard work was acknowledged when she was awarded UNT’s Outstanding Undergraduate Student award when earning her bachelor's. And then again when she received the Outstanding Graduate Student award during her masters.

All this hard work did come with a price. "Throughout my journey, if there was one thing I didn't pay attention to was mental health," said Ahmed. "I completely set aside my emotions and my feelings. I'm happy I was able to do that, but now I'm struggling." Ahmed believes that a balance between work and school is key to becoming successful. She wants fellow students to know that they shouldn't sacrifice themselves for their goals. Rather they should love themselves for doing everything they can without burning out.

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