UNT's Tennis Team

UNT women’s tennis has had a strong season so far with an 8-4 record at home. However, that is not the only thing that makes them stand out, because each player is also from a different country.

Sujay Lama, the tennis coach said, “It’s so diverse and it’s so colorful and you know the bottom line is they all have the passion for tennis, they all want to be better, and they are all really intelligent smart kids.”Arriving to America at such a young age was difficult because they had to adjust to a new setting. These athletes have come from all over, from Croatia to Japan, to further their tennis career. However, they also discovered lasting friendships with their teammates at North Texas.

With their talent and the wins that come with that, they feel that there is still a missing piece; the support of the fans. So be sure to go and check out and support Mean Green’s tennis team.

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