Final Stages of Fouts Field Demolition Underway

From football games, to track events, to marching band practices, Fouts Field at the University of North Texas was home to many things over the years.

“It’s always been home, and still is,” Former UNT football player Patrick Cobbs said.

Fouts Field was built in 1951 and opened a year later. “Mean” Joe Greene played here and parts of the film Necessary Roughness where filmed here too. But after all the history and memories made at Fouts Field, it is now approaching its final days.

WATCH: Crews Demolish Fouts Field

“We’ll always have those memories and things, but onto New Denton,” Cobbs said.

Crews started demolishing the stadium on Nov. 27. Demolition will continue into UNT’s winter break.

After all the rubble is cleared, more than 1,000 parking spots will be paved on the site.

“We are gonna have additional parking with this and a bus transfer station to set up to be able to have more students to be able to move around the campus,” Pogue Construction Chief Relationship Officer Michael Doddridge said.

The project is expected to be completed by summer 2019.

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