Nick Jonas Welcomes Us to the Jungle

Cinematic classic Jumanji is returning to theaters this week, but this time director Jake Kasdan recreated the game that plays you! Dwayne Johnson leads the A-list crew along with comedians Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Golden Globe nominated Nick Jonas, who gave us exclusive details on the new film, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle!

The original Jumanji film starring Robin Williams, released in 1995, is returning with major plot twists and turns. Nick Jonas is taking his step into the acting scene and he has received “a warm welcome, because the steps taken have been thought out and patient.” Nick's character, Alex, connects with Williams role from the classic film as guidance through the game. Welcome to the Jungle, features four teenagers who get sucked into the video game of Jumanji as wildness ensues. The Classic film is not a remake but it is a sequel which Nick was excited to create with the cast. “For all of us, that was something to keep in mind, to find a way to pay homage to the original which was truly incredible, from there it was about finding a way to also tell a new Jumanji, a new story, something that felt fresh.”

Director Jake Kasdan explored the classic film and incorporated new and different aspects which Nick said “guaranteed the writing with this will give it that edge to keep audiences on their toes.” “There are pieces that stem from the original, Alex is kind of the anchor for the film, hes the most connected character to Alan Parish, the animals, the getting sucked into the game, elements that are really frightening, they did a really brilliant job in the writing, you feel some of that Jumanji energy.”

Each character in the film gets thrown into the video game that is Jumanji and carry strengths and weakness throughout the movie. Nick said “I think one of the big similarities between Alex and I is we’re both afraid of flying, with every character, like with Goat and Scream Queens even, I try to take something from my personal life, and to feel more connected through my own experiences, to connect the dots creatively, real life does inform the choices I make in the scene.”

Recently nominated for a Golden Globe, Nick Jonas is making major moves in Hollywood and has no plans to stop. Jonas has been making his mark in Hollywood and was more than excited to be apart of the new Jumanji film. “The chance to get to work with these actors, Jake Kasdan as well is truly brilliant and it's the dream scenario, movies of this scale. I am a huge fan of the original since I was 5 or 6 years old, so when I got the call that I got the role I was blown away when I turned the TV on and Jumanji was on, so it’s been looming over me, my whole life. Jake Kasdan our director and Dwayne and the rest of the cast, has a connection to it (Jumanji) and Robin Williams and his legacy and brilliance.”

Shot in the beautiful jungles of Hawaii, Nick Jonas will take you on an adventure that you will never forget, check out Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle this weekend at a theater near you!

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