Smatresk on Hurricane Harvey: "UNT will answer the call to help"

The University of North Texas is ready to help those on the Texas coast affected by Hurricane Harvey. UNT President Neal Smatresk says the university will admit students displaced by the storm if needed.

“As we watch the news about Hurricane Harvey’s impact on Texas’ Gulf Coast, our thoughts are with the people affected,” Smatresk said. “Our university is a community of great compassion, and I know that we will support the impacted individuals in every way we can.”

Smatresk says the university is coordinating with the American Red Cross to support storm relief efforts and will also shelter those affected by the storm if nescessary.

"Should the storm be devastating, UNT will answer the call to help, as we have done in the past, by sheltering evacuees if needed," Smatresk said.

Smatresk says students can get help by calling 940-565-2681 or emailing for more details.

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