Jake Gyllenhaal Explains the Meaning of "Life"

Jake gives us all the details on his new movie about extraterrestrial life on Mars!

Director Daniel Espinosa's sci-fi film ,Life, hits theaters this week and his dedication to creating the reality of life outside of Earth on screen is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve seen before. With an academy award winning cast including Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, and Jake Gyllenhaal, Life, is one of the most anticipated films of the year. I got the inside scoop from Jake himself about the film, working with Espinosa and what it’s like to make a movie at Zero-gravity!

Jake Gyllenhaal is known for his roles in suspenseful thrillers like Enemy, Nightcrawler and Nocturnal Animals. When asked why he chose to be apart of this film he said “Daniel came to me and we were talking about a character and how he wanted to make the movie.Daniel Espinosa has a way with commercial material but also really loved his actors. He understands the type of actor I am.And I love the fact that there were really good roles for women in this film and that's a very important aspect of all filmmaking."

Life features a group of astronauts that discover the first sign of a hypothetical creature on Mars. As the crew begins to research the extraterrestrial life, the creature turns out to be unexpectedly extremely intelligent and capable of threatening life on Earth. Gyllenhaal considers the film to be “a bit like Jaws, where you have a group of people trying to survive in a space but it also has to do with your classic,fun, horror genre type of storytelling.So it’s different in that sense. This is more terrifying in the classic movie sense.”

Life was shot at zero-gravity on a set that was built to resemble the international space station.The ship was designed specifically after the actual ISS which Jake continuously referred to as “beautiful and amazing.” He also included “there is no up, there is no down, no right or left in the international space station.” The cast went through extensive training in order to understand and successfully act while being at zero-gravity. Gyllenhaal explained “this entire film takes place at zero gravity, so we were on wires the entire time.We had an incredible movement coach on this movie, and she is someone who with Eddie Redmayne on The Theory of Everything, we had really incredible people who worked on this film.Things wouldn't always go right, I can't tell you how many times I was cut up or bruised from this beautiful ship that they designed but isn't always conducive to stunts.”

According to Jake, the film will keep viewers on the edge of their seats because “the audience will never know which way is up or down, or right or left. The perspective will always be shifting and because we're also dealing with this creature and most of the time we don't know where it is, or if its a fragment of our imagination at times too, or is it-all of those questions are at play, which is what I think makes the movie really fun.”

Take a trip to space this weekend, Life hits theaters March 24th!

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